Working With A YouTube Star!


As one of Lindsey Stirling’s more prominent fans, I’ve learned many a great thing about her fandom.  I’ve followed her career ever since the turning point of her great fame.

One great opportunity I have had the pleasure of is being able to work with her as an extra in her YouTube cover, “Phantom Of The Opera”.   She announced on Facebook that on April 23 (2012) she wanted people from around the Provo, Utah area to be in her upcoming video held at Velour Live Music Gallery… I went.  It wasn’t too difficult, just a bunch of people asked to jam out to her as if we were already at one of her concerts (too easy).  And we were asked to wear a mask and dark clothes (one extra even bought a horse head mask and Lindsey commented on how awesome it was).  I was tucked away in the corner of the room but still front row right behind the conductor for the extra violinists.  Devin Graham, who happened to be her cinematographer and boyfriend at the time, was busy filming from several different angles, some of which were right in front of where I was in the audience.  Lindsey knew exactly what she wanted during filming and we ended ahead of schedule.  She’s good!

After the shoot Lindsey took photos with and talked with the fans.  She held a brief ‘Q and A’ session as well.  After that, two of my friends went home and another friend stopped by to see if she could meet Lindsey.  We were invited by a member of Lindsey’s crew to stay for the other video shoot she  was doing privately so we stayed behind along with about five others to watch her work privately.  That’s when the real magic happened!  It’s hard to explain, but when she works without the pressure of many people watching it’s like she has something….something magical, like that “it factor”.  She’s so talented at dancing and playing and I can honestly say that I’ve never seen anyone as good as her in performance.  And I’ve been to a lot of talented musical performances.  After they were done, I and the other fans helped clean up.  My other friend left early.  I was one of the last people out the door besides Lindsey herself and she gave a hug to every fan that left that room.  She’s a very kind, loving person.  And she gives GREAT hugs!  What a great way to end an epic evening, in a little town called Provo.

If you want to check out Lindsey Stirling on YouTube, here’s a link:


     An old friend taught me something very valuable once.  That we are all like a box of crayons: 
     Some are sharp and some are dull.  Some are large.  Some, small.  Some are semmingly perfect.  Some are broken.  Some stay and some go.  Some are blue. Some special ones sparkle and some even glow.  All have a label, but sometimes that label doesn’t always depict what the true colors are.  And sometimes it does.  Some colors are different from others and some pretty much the same.  Most will get used to some extent, but regardless of abuse some will still seem bright or bold or beautiful, yet others dark or pale or ugly.  And then there are those who venture out to make their mark on the canvas of life while others stay untouched and hidden in the back of the row.  One thing is absolutely certain about all….we all have to live in the same box.

Connecting With The Local Talent

     I have this friend that goes to almost every local musical concert and event.  Everyone who’s someone in a band or looking to further their musical career knows this girl.  Through her I’ve met many wonderful local talents like Mindy Gledhill, We Are The Strike, MiMi Knowles, Mideau, and even members of Neon Trees.  I love the local music scene in Provo, Utah. 

     We are very lucky to have such great talents like these, most of which perform regularly at Velour Live Music Gallery, Muse Music Cafe or have a lineup at the Rooftop Series during summer and fall.  These local venues are hot spots for many of the local fans of these various artists.  They are also good places to get to know others with the same interests in music or even discover those few who are looking to promote their local businesses.

     If you live in the Provo, Utah area, check these places out.  Especially if you’re starting up a band or musical career and looking for the best place to perform.  Velour Live Music Gallery itself has housed performances from at least four musical talents that have gone on to receive major recording labels including Imagine Dragons.  Life in the fast lane, in a little town called Provo.


             Mindy Gledhill and I

I Have A Dreams


     I have a dream….okay actually I have two dreams.  One I am currently living and the one that so spitefully eludes me.  They both intertwine.  The first dream I mentioned is about following the YouTube artist Lindsey Stirling.  Classically trained, this new age electronic violinist has half a BILLION views on YouTube and four million subscribers at the moment.  She’s won awards on YouTube, and was one of the most viewed YouTubers last year.  I first encountered her by watching her hit video Crystallize on YouTube and ended up watching ALL of her videos that night.  I was hooked!  I soon found out she practically lived down the street from me in Provo, Utah.  Soon after, I had the pleasure of being in one of her videos and ended up even spending a little time getting to know her through a past mutual friend that following summer.  We even hung out on my birthday that year.  I’ve attended several concerts of hers, and am now an administrator on a few of her Facebook fan groups (including the Official one), work with her executive assistant on some of these fan groups, and am co-runner and creator of the Lindsey Stirling USA fan page on Facebook.  I’ve even done a bit of flyer promoting for her very first US tour.  This all came to pass because I liked YouTube.  Which brings me to my second dream.

     My second dream is to have a YouTube channel dedicated to wheelchair freeystyle sports.  My inspiration originally being Aaron Fatheringham who was the first person to pull of a backflip and double backflip in a wheelchair.  Being that I live in the Provo, Utah area, there happens to also be a strong YouTube prescence here.  Famous YouTubers like Devin Graham, Stuart Edge and of course Lindsey Stirling have inspired me further.  In fact, I am convinced they are the reason Provo ranks third in world domination for YouTube community behind Paris and LA.  And let’s not forget the Piano Guys, haha.  But they live a few hours south of here. 

     Here’s hoping I can get my new YouTube channel up and running soon, in a little town called Provo.