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Greatest Valentine’s Day Message EVER!

This miiiiight be the greatest Valentine’s Day message….EVER! But I’ll let you decide that. I actually had this idea come up last minute when I was shopping at my local supermarket, so I bought some flash cards while I was there on the spot and went out and made this video. I believe that everyone deserves to be loved, it’s not earned. And I also believe that everyone IS loved by someone. This is the super special Valentine’s Day message I want you all to get out of this video. It doesn’t matter who you are, you ARE loved by someone, whether you know it or not. I feel like Valentine’s day is so overrated, you buy crap for the one you love, they don’t even really appreciate it, then it’s all over. This message is out a few days early because honestly it doesn’t matter what day it is to be loved or to tell someone you love them. It really is an almost worthless day really, expectations and all. I say, if you really want to impress someone, show them you love them on a random day, unless they don’t like surprises in which case, don’t. I really hope I can brighten someone’s day and make them smile today and any day out of the year really, that is my goal for this video. Maybe there’s someone out there that needs it….I hope so. If you liked this video please thumbs it up and share it, thank you.