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Working With Freakin Rad and Kuma Films On A YouTube Video!

Today I got to work with Freakin Rad and Kuma Films and it was freakin’ rad! They needed a few extras on set today and I thought since I’ve done a lot of YouTube acting and I vlog that I would sign up…and I got a part! So basically I get there and my buddy Patrick Hayes calls me and says to go into Guru’s restaurant because they were filming behind there after they got the other shot done. So I’m in the restaurant waiting and after a while Patrick shows up and we go out back into the parking lot. There I found a food truck and some of the Freakin Rad film crew there. Then this extremely cute blonde girl shows up and it turns out that she was actually going to be acting with me. We talked for a minute and then all of a sudden there was a problem with the food truck….it wouldn’t start and they needed to move it into position! So all the guys started pushing it and finally got it where it needed to be. Shortly after Freakin Rad wanted Char (the cute blonde girl) and myself to go up to the food truck and start acting like we were a couple on a date ordering some food, so we did. The second scene involved robbers who run out of a building and head our way and that’s when Char and I run for our lives. Those were the only two scenes in the film that I had and Char was with me the whole time. I felt bad for not talking to her much on set, but I think we were both pretty cold and almost completely frozen on set so whatever. If you liked the video thumbs it up and share it, thank you.

LIVE: In The STUdio Episode 2 BTS Vlog

Just hangin’ out with my boy Stuart Edge during and after one of his live shows. If you liked, “LIVE: In The STUdio Episode 2 BTS Vlog” then please like and share it, then watch all my other videos and SUBSCRIBE!