How To: Rolling Through A Snow Bank In A Wheelchair (tutorial)

This is another very quick tutorial on how to roll through a snow bank in a wheelchair. It’s pretty simple, you just approach the snow bank in your wheelchair, do a wheelie, and plow right through it while riding the wheelie. I will warn that this should only be done by professionals at wheelies though because the snow banks many times are slippery due to ice and riding a wheelie through ice is very dangerous. During the winter, snow is the one of the biggest problems for people in wheelchairs. Many of us struggle to get by simply because we have snow blocking the way to a car, a grocery store, or outside in general. If you get stuck outside in a large snow bank and have no other options, this strategy will certainly do the job. Many of my wheelchair tutorials seem short and simple, and they are, but keep in mind there are those who are new to being in a wheelchair and they often times may need simple tutorials like these ones. I have another tutorial on how to get through the snow, but I wanted to do this one even though it’s similar because it shows specifically one of the strategies of getting past the snow (particularly snow banks on sidewalks). I hope someone in a wheelchair will find this tutorial helpful. If you liked this video please thumbs it up and share it, thank you.


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