Huge Announcement: Second Channel!

I’m sooooo incredibly excited to share this huge announcement with you guys, I started a second channel!! Don’t worry, I will still be vlogging on this channel, but I wanted to start a new passion project. My second channel is an ASMR roleplay channel based off of video games such as The Legend Of Zelda currently and moving into Final Fantasy, Mario Bros, and other games. ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response and is that oh so good tingly feeling you get on your head and down your spine from triggers such as audio and visual stimulation. ASMR is also helpful in aiding sleep and stress reduction as many of the triggers used in the therapy are stress reducing and relaxing. I’ve been watching ASMR videos for over a year now almost every night because I sometimes get stressed and can’t sleep some nights, it’s difficult for me. I decided to add a gaming twist to it because honestly I love YouTube roleplays and I’ve had some pretty epic video game story lines stuck in my head for the last ten years or so. My second channel so far only has a few videos on it, but monthly I’ll be adding about three or so new videos so you’ll definitely want to stick around and watch for them to come! If you liked this video please thumbs it up and share it, thank you.


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