My Wheelchair Got Trapped In A Snow Bank!

My wheelchair got trapped in the snow and I’m legit stuck! HEEEELP!! Yeah, it wasn’t great, but in this scenario I show you the danger and difficulty of being stuck in a snow bank. My wheelchair is pretty hefty, it’s one of those old hospital types until I get my new one. But even though it’s a tank, it can get stuck in snow pretty easily, and this bank is pretty huge, let me tell you! One easy way to get unstuck is to shift your weight around so as to loosen the snow or ice. This is easier done in heftier chairs. If you have one of those custom light wheelchairs, you will not have this advantage, however you will have the advantage of having descent traction on your wheels so you won’t get stuck as easily in the first place. You can watch my tutorial on how to get through the snow, or learn how to prepare for a snow storm in another one of my videos, I got you covered. But for the sake of the topics in this video, I specifically wanted to focus purely on just how to deal with getting stuck in a snow bank particularly seeing as how this is the single most difficult problems people in wheelchairs face in the winter time. If you find yourself in this situation, you now know how to get out of it other than calling for backup. If you liked this video please thumbs it up and share it, thank you.


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