Wheelchair Finally Free Of Snow!

Me and my wheelchair are fiiiiiinally free of snow and it feels so great! I’ve been cooped up in my apartment for the last couple of weeks, and the snow is finally letting up. It might not sound like a big deal, but when you’re in a wheelchair, trust me, it’s a very big deal. People like me in a wheelchair have a very hard time in snow, and being free of that is one of the best feelings in the world. Sure, I have a landlord who has shoveled the parking lot, and parents helping me get to the grocery store this week, but we have had about six major storms come through Utah and it’s only halfway through January so it just piles up and gets worse no matter what. And how about those sidewalk curbs that everyone forgets to shovel, what’s up with that? It frustrates me to no end! People need to realize that there are people in wheelchairs who need to be free of the snow and that means remembering to shovel the curbs as well. I find it ridiculous that people forget that. Anyway, in this video I talk about me and my wheelchair being free of the snow and how happy I am to be out and about now. I went to a YouTube meeting last night and it was so nice to be able to go out and have my freedom back. There are snow storms coming later next week, but I’ve done this kind of thing all my life, so I’ll handle it just fine. If you liked this video please thumbs it up and share it, thank you.


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