How To: Getting Through Snow In A Wheelchair (tutorial)

Here’s another small tutorial. This one is on how to get through the snow in a wheelchair. This How To tutorial video is very basic. It teaches you several different ways and options to handle a snow bank on a sidewalk or curb. Many people who happen to be in a wheelchair do not know how to do these kinds of things, and that is exactly why I have How To videos for them. Snow can be very difficult for someone while is in a wheelchair. Many people do not realize just how difficult it can be. If it snows and someone doesn’t shovel, well it can pretty much be game over at that point as far as traveling goes. Sometimes a walkway may be shoveled, but all too often that snow gets piled up right on the edge of a sidewalk curb. This is where things get particularly frustrating for people in wheelchairs. It’s a nice thought to have a sidewalk shoveled, but many people either don’t finish the job, or cars going by push up a snow bank right where the curbs are. In this How To tutorial I teach you what to do if you encounter these basic problems during a harsh winter. Make sure the snow bank is hard like ice to roll over if you have good traction on your wheels, otherwise just find the weak spot and plow right through it as hard as you can. Just make sure you have a plan B in case you can’t get through a basic snow bank. If you liked this video please thumbs it up and share it, thank you.


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