Wheelchair Stuck In Snow!

It snowed a ton here in Utah over Christmas and I am very unhappy about it! I’m in a wheelchair and snow is really easy to get stuck in. I absolutely hate getting stuck in snow. So where I live in Utah, we are a desert technically. But during the cold winter months, we occasionally get a good snow storm. This storm brought several inches to my hometown. Some areas got as much as a couple of feet, but that is more heard of in areas near the mountain side called the bench area. My wheelchair doesn’t handle the snow very well, especially this one. My current wheelchair is one of those hospital types because I’m in the process of getting a new one that is ultra light and professional. So what do I do when a storm hits? Well, I prepare ahead of time. Watching the weather channels or apps is a really smart thing to do during winter if you are disabled. That way you can prepare ahead by going grocery shopping and getting someone to shovel a path for you when the storm hits. I’ll be staying in a few days so it can all melt. If you would like to know more about handling the winter while in a wheelchair you can watch one of my other videos about it on my channel. If you liked this video be sure to like and share it.


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