No Hatchimals For Christmas?!

I had a very lovely stroll around town in my wheelchair just looking at all the fun Christmas lights and decorations. The trees were covered with lights of silver, red, and green. The Court House and park were covered in trees with exceptionally beautiful lights! Even my local library was Christmas ready with its white and blue blinking lights. Later, I went into my local novelty toy store to look around and see what was left after pretty much everyone has done their Christmas shopping already. I was not surprised when I saw that there were no Hatchimals left in the toy store, so I asked my friendly customer service clerk if they had any left and she kindly told me that they did not. In fact, she told me she would be surprised if they got some Hatchimals in a year later if they had gone ahead and ordered them that day! Wow! Are they really that difficult to find?! I have heard of this happening before with Transformers in the 80’s and Tickle Me Elmo in the 90’s….but seriously?! Anyway, after that I left dissapointed. On a happier note, at least the weather here is warmer than it has been lately. If you liked, “No Hatchimals For Christmas?!” then please like and share it.


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