Christmas Haul 2016!

My Christmas Haul for 2016 is a nice one this year that you won’t want to miss watching! I got many things for Christmas, including money to spend. A few of my favorite Christmas haul 2016 gifts included Aqua Di Gio by Georgio Armani, my new leather jacket, and a really niiiiice hoodie. Let’s talk about these three things for a quick minute. Aqua Di Gio is your all around sexy men’s scent that will get all the ladies. It comes in a very nice fog colored bottle and smells divine. It’s got a citrus smell with a salty sea breeze finish and is recommended use during warm weather or at night. Use it at parties and dates. My black leather jacket is your classic black leather jacket. It’s got a nice biker bad boy look to it and because of its popularity, design, and color, it pretty much goes with everything. Wear it in cold or chilly weather, or simply to make a classic fashion statement. My grey and orange hoodie has a nice gun metal grey line disign built in, and differring tones of grey. It’s very sleek and fits my body like a glove. Not too padded, but will be a great choice for chilly fall or spring weather and has a nice clean look. Anyway, that is my Christmas haul for 2016, I hope you all enjoyed the video. If you liked this video please thumbs it up and share it, thank you.


2016 has taken sooooo many celebrities from us, as well as loved ones and multiple disasters throughout this dreadful year. Okay, so I’m not one much for conspiracy theories. In fact, most of the time when I hear those words it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. But I cannot ignore the unusually high amount of bad karma that has happened throughout the world this year. Over 130 celebrity deaths, multiple countries having disasters, not to mention Isis on the rise and the club shootings as well as the murder of Christina Grimmie right in front of her fans after a concert. 2016 has been one of the most terrifying years we’ve had in a long time, and even though we have only a few days left out of the year, the terror keeps coming! Just hours ago I learned of Kerrie Fisher’s mother’s passing just days after her daughter. I’m not sure what is going on here, but it is definitely bizarre. It seriously makes me wonder what terrible tragedy will occur tomorrow, and the next day. Will it extend into 2017, or will the new year end all this suffering? I hope this will end very soon. If you personally have been affected in a negative way by this year, my sincere condolences. If you liked this video, thumbs it up and share it, thank you.

Wheelchair Stuck In Snow!

It snowed a ton here in Utah over Christmas and I am very unhappy about it! I’m in a wheelchair and snow is really easy to get stuck in. I absolutely hate getting stuck in snow. So where I live in Utah, we are a desert technically. But during the cold winter months, we occasionally get a good snow storm. This storm brought several inches to my hometown. Some areas got as much as a couple of feet, but that is more heard of in areas near the mountain side called the bench area. My wheelchair doesn’t handle the snow very well, especially this one. My current wheelchair is one of those hospital types because I’m in the process of getting a new one that is ultra light and professional. So what do I do when a storm hits? Well, I prepare ahead of time. Watching the weather channels or apps is a really smart thing to do during winter if you are disabled. That way you can prepare ahead by going grocery shopping and getting someone to shovel a path for you when the storm hits. I’ll be staying in a few days so it can all melt. If you would like to know more about handling the winter while in a wheelchair you can watch one of my other videos about it on my channel. If you liked this video be sure to like and share it.


It’s been one of those days today! Have you ever had a bad day where everything just….goes wrong? I just did, and it sucked hard core! The day started out with me getting on the transit bus early in the morning to go get some errands run, and come to find out the place I was going to is closed for the holidays. So yeah, I just wasted bus fare for nothing. Then I went to the store and bought a few groceries. I bought some Tuna, rice, and chicken. When I got home I realized I had strolled all the way home with only two cans of Tuna in a bag with a hole in it! So yeah, needless to say, had I dropped my chicken and rice along the sidewalk somewhere along the way back home without even realizing it. So what did I do? Well, I’ll tell you what I did, I backtracked my way back towards the grocery store that I just came from and started finding my food items. First I found my rice, then further down the sidewalk, sure enough, there was my chicken. So yeah, anyway, I’ve had a pretty rough day to say the least. I just hope you all are having a better day than me and didn’t drop your chicken, or any other groceries like I did all over the sidewalk. If you liked, “I DROPPED MY CHICKEN!! (RANT)” then please like and share it. Thanks for watching!

No Hatchimals For Christmas?!

I had a very lovely stroll around town in my wheelchair just looking at all the fun Christmas lights and decorations. The trees were covered with lights of silver, red, and green. The Court House and park were covered in trees with exceptionally beautiful lights! Even my local library was Christmas ready with its white and blue blinking lights. Later, I went into my local novelty toy store to look around and see what was left after pretty much everyone has done their Christmas shopping already. I was not surprised when I saw that there were no Hatchimals left in the toy store, so I asked my friendly customer service clerk if they had any left and she kindly told me that they did not. In fact, she told me she would be surprised if they got some Hatchimals in a year later if they had gone ahead and ordered them that day! Wow! Are they really that difficult to find?! I have heard of this happening before with Transformers in the 80’s and Tickle Me Elmo in the 90’s….but seriously?! Anyway, after that I left dissapointed. On a happier note, at least the weather here is warmer than it has been lately. If you liked, “No Hatchimals For Christmas?!” then please like and share it.

How To: Rolling Down A Steep Hill In A Wheelchair (tutorial)

Another quick tutorial on how to safely get down a steep hill in a wheelchair. If you liked, “How To: Rolling Down A Steep Hill In A Wheelchair (tutorial)” then please like and share it. Then watch all my other videos and SUBSCRIBE!

Rogue One Premier With CVX Live! (review and small spoilers)

CVX Live was amazing enough to host a Rogue One premier party and invited hundreds of YouTubers and social media influencers from all over Utah. It was a blast! If you liked, “Rogue One Premier With CVX Live! (review and small spoilers)” then please like and share it. Then watch all my other vi deos and SUBSCRIBE!