Black Widow Weaving A New Tapistry?

Our favorite sexy Avenger actress, ScarJo has something new in her arsenal of weapons, and I’m not talking about ak47’s, grenades, or those hot lips of hers! This time….it’s music! That’s right, her new girl band called, Singles is sure to complete any Marvel nerd’s (or anyone’s for that matter) wildest dreams. Think about it, this group of beauties has Kendra Morris and Este Haim at the helm as well, and is sure to kick the pants right off of the Pussy Cat Doll’s previous fame. But if you wish to applaud Johansson for her new found efforts in the music industry, don’t….because she isn’t actually new to this. She has put out albums such as, Anywhere I Lay My Head, back in 2008, as well as, Break Up with Peter Yorn in 2009. So what is Singles….single? It’s called “Candy”. Now THAT is something that’s gotta sound as delicious as SHE looks! (;Scarlett


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