Why Did Diddy Do Dat?!

Diddy 3

It’s no secret that Diddy likes to stir up a bit of controversy now and then. From changing his name constantly, or letting the world know that the president of the United States hates black people, to calling himself a deity. But this time, he’s attacking the very platform that has made his name….HOLLYWOOD! This picture was posted by Combs on Instagram earlier this week and it’s a cry for Hollywood to involve more african-american people in the film industry. He does have a point though, many of the films we see today depict a mostly caucasian cast role (unless you’re like me and love watching old Jackie Chan movies). Why is this? Is it racism, like Diddy eludes, or is the choosing of cast members unconscious and unintentional? Either way, one thing is for sure: Diddy is at it again, making bold statements to the world. To change it for the better, or to cause unnecessary drama…..you decide.


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