Like It Or Not….

It comes to my attention that most posts from bloggers on this website have very few likes or comments at all. Yet, we know that receiving them will actually count toward making our posts more popular and noticed out there. What people haven’t figured out is that if you happen to stop by a post you really enjoy (or even if it just makes you slightly grin), you should go ahead and give it a like! Why? Because pop psychology suggests that for every act of self service you do towards another, that person is slightly more inclined to give a little back. What does this mean for the rookie WordPress bloggers who are just starting out and absolutely NEED a like on their latest blog? It means don’t be a stranger. Go ahead and go nuts liking EVERYTHING you find mildly amusing. In return, you might get some likes (and even comments) back! (;

Black Widow Weaving A New Tapistry?

Our favorite sexy Avenger actress, ScarJo has something new in her arsenal of weapons, and I’m not talking about ak47’s, grenades, or those hot lips of hers! This time….it’s music! That’s right, her new girl band called, Singles is sure to complete any Marvel nerd’s (or anyone’s for that matter) wildest dreams. Think about it, this group of beauties has Kendra Morris and Este Haim at the helm as well, and is sure to kick the pants right off of the Pussy Cat Doll’s previous fame. But if you wish to applaud Johansson for her new found efforts in the music industry, don’t….because she isn’t actually new to this. She has put out albums such as, Anywhere I Lay My Head, back in 2008, as well as, Break Up with Peter Yorn in 2009. So what is Singles….single? It’s called “Candy”. Now THAT is something that’s gotta sound as delicious as SHE looks! (;Scarlett

Unit 4: Timehop Review

My Media, My View


Each and everyday people from all over the world, post things on all their various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. The posts usually stay on relevant on you and your followers timelines for about 2-3 days and then you never think about it again. What if you wanted to look at something you posted a year ago? What about five years ago? Well, if you tried to accomplish that by scrolling through the actual social media platform that you posted it on, it would be almost nearly impossible to do. However, with the application Timehop you are able to do just that!

Timehop is an app that is available to both iPhone as well as Android users. You can link up social media sites such as Facebook, Foursquare, Instagram, Dropbox Photos, Twitter and your phone’s photo album. It allows you get to see a personalized “this…

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Why Did Diddy Do Dat?!

Diddy 3

It’s no secret that Diddy likes to stir up a bit of controversy now and then. From changing his name constantly, or letting the world know that the president of the United States hates black people, to calling himself a deity. But this time, he’s attacking the very platform that has made his name….HOLLYWOOD! This picture was posted by Combs on Instagram earlier this week and it’s a cry for Hollywood to involve more african-american people in the film industry. He does have a point though, many of the films we see today depict a mostly caucasian cast role (unless you’re like me and love watching old Jackie Chan movies). Why is this? Is it racism, like Diddy eludes, or is the choosing of cast members unconscious and unintentional? Either way, one thing is for sure: Diddy is at it again, making bold statements to the world. To change it for the better, or to cause unnecessary drama… decide.

Avengers Anew?


Whether you are a fan of Marvel comics or not, you have to admit that this looks kick butt!  Okay, so maybe many of you super nerd fans (myself included) were hoping it would follow the exact Marvel comic story of Scarlet Witch joining the Avengers’ team, only to ultimately betray them.  But regardless, Martin Goodman and Stan Lee have done a pretty sweet job making characters for these movies we all have to admit we went to see three, four, maybe ten times! (you know who you are).  And don’t count out Ultron as a formidable foe.  They have been a unique part of Marvel comics for ages and I am expecting this to play out well in theaters come May 1.

World’s Larges Treadmill Dance Gets National Attention

Check out this youtube video that went viral just last month!  Many youtube artist from Provo, Utah joined in on this video to help make it happen.  And Nordic Track is LOVING it!  It’s not a mystery that central Utah has lately grown to be known as a leading world YouTube star presence.  In fact, Provo, Utah ranks third in the world for BIG YouTube star presence behind Paris, and LA taking the number one spot.  If you don’t know any of these people in this video….you should.  Although some of the bigger names in Utah such as Lindsey Stirling, Alex Boye, and Stuart Edge are not featured in this video, they too have millions of views on YouTube, making it a very real, very palpitable phenomenon as of late!

Lindsey Stirling and The Strike Team Up For An Explosive Show In Park City, Utah!

Lindsey StirlingThe Strike In January of 2015, Sundance Film festival introduced many big music names to be sweeping through Park City Utah for their Winter Fest Live segment that included artists such as Pentatonix and Lindsey Stirling!  I had the pleasure of spending time with Lindsey, her management and crew, as well as the warm up band The Strike the night of Lindsey Stirling’s concert, January 27, 2015.  Lindsey and The Strike are two names that are definitely not strangers to me.  I have been following Lindsey Stirling for many years now, and have followed The Strike for sometime as well.  I’ve even spent personal time with Miss Stirling as a friend when she lived in Provo, UT, and her sister to this day still remains as one of my best friends.  The Strike is one band that I have personally known for at least a year and a half now, and I have even been featured in their video called, “Warriors”.  Two things I wish to point out about the show with Stirling and The Strike together in Park City last month:     

     Talent.  Both musicians Lindsey Stirling, and Christopher Crab (lead singer of The Strike) have a little something I’d like to call….talent!  If you aren’t familiar with Lindsey’s famous dance routine on stage while playing violin (including her legendary back bend), SHAME ON YOU!  If you haven’t seen the energy Chris puts off during a show with The Strike, well for now I will forgive you….for now!  If you don’t know who The Strike is now, don’t worry, you will.  Chris’ explosive performances with Lindsey’s explosive plancing (play dancing according to Rhett and Link in a recent interview they did with Miss Stirling), are PHENOMENAL together, and paired very well during the Park City Live performance!  Watching them perform back to back was like watching an atom bomb go off in the middle of a stage!  But that’s to be expected when you pair the best band with the best musician, both from Utah.  Together, they shatter every expectation you have.     

     Unique and Explosive.  I’d like to take a moment now and focus on the nature of both musicians, Lindsey Stirling and Chris Crabb.  Both of them know good music.  Both of them know how to perform.  Both of them know how to ENTERTAIN!  And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the key to an explosive performance!  Sure, you see a lot of bands do their thing, nothing real unique.  Couple of guys on a guitar, a lead singer.  But have you ever seen a violinist rock out while playing her violin so vigorously? Or watched a band with not just a couple of guitarists and a drummer, but three other members who play a brass instrument, and a keyboardist to top it off while the lead singer passionately tells his story in lyrics and energy that will shock you?  If you haven’t, you need to!  Not only are they both explosive, but both unique.

Chris Crab and his band, as well as Miss Stirling both now live in LA.  If you live near there, I would highly recommend going to see one of their concerts.  And if you’re lucky like me, back to back.