Guns, Games And Gals!: A Cosplay Featured


  Okay, what are the two things guys like the most?  I’ll give you a hint: one is pretty and the other is pretty…..awesome!  This is Missha and she’s the best of both worlds. She is this weeks feature in cosplay, with an ak47 in one hand and a gaze that will make little geeky tween’s hearts melt like buttah!   This little lady packs quite a punch with her cosplay Claire Redfield.  Claire, as you know, is the main character in Resident Evil 2 and the antagonist in RE: Code Veronica.

As a Claire cosplay I honestly have to say I DO NOT want to mess with a girl like that!  She may look good in a red leather jacket, black as night shirt and gloves, and a “slightly” used machine gun, but she’s got a look that suggests she can kill boy bands with her bare hands! So I’ll just  let you guys check her cosplay out for yourselves at  Also, check out Indie games while you’re there because they are amazing!



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