An old friend taught me something very valuable once.  That we are all like a box of crayons: 
     Some are sharp and some are dull.  Some are large.  Some, small.  Some are semmingly perfect.  Some are broken.  Some stay and some go.  Some are blue. Some special ones sparkle and some even glow.  All have a label, but sometimes that label doesn’t always depict what the true colors are.  And sometimes it does.  Some colors are different from others and some pretty much the same.  Most will get used to some extent, but regardless of abuse some will still seem bright or bold or beautiful, yet others dark or pale or ugly.  And then there are those who venture out to make their mark on the canvas of life while others stay untouched and hidden in the back of the row.  One thing is absolutely certain about all….we all have to live in the same box.


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