Connecting With The Local Talent

     I have this friend that goes to almost every local musical concert and event.  Everyone who’s someone in a band or looking to further their musical career knows this girl.  Through her I’ve met many wonderful local talents like Mindy Gledhill, We Are The Strike, MiMi Knowles, Mideau, and even members of Neon Trees.  I love the local music scene in Provo, Utah. 

     We are very lucky to have such great talents like these, most of which perform regularly at Velour Live Music Gallery, Muse Music Cafe or have a lineup at the Rooftop Series during summer and fall.  These local venues are hot spots for many of the local fans of these various artists.  They are also good places to get to know others with the same interests in music or even discover those few who are looking to promote their local businesses.

     If you live in the Provo, Utah area, check these places out.  Especially if you’re starting up a band or musical career and looking for the best place to perform.  Velour Live Music Gallery itself has housed performances from at least four musical talents that have gone on to receive major recording labels including Imagine Dragons.  Life in the fast lane, in a little town called Provo.


             Mindy Gledhill and I


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