I Have A Dreams


     I have a dream….okay actually I have two dreams.  One I am currently living and the one that so spitefully eludes me.  They both intertwine.  The first dream I mentioned is about following the YouTube artist Lindsey Stirling.  Classically trained, this new age electronic violinist has half a BILLION views on YouTube and four million subscribers at the moment.  She’s won awards on YouTube, and was one of the most viewed YouTubers last year.  I first encountered her by watching her hit video Crystallize on YouTube and ended up watching ALL of her videos that night.  I was hooked!  I soon found out she practically lived down the street from me in Provo, Utah.  Soon after, I had the pleasure of being in one of her videos and ended up even spending a little time getting to know her through a past mutual friend that following summer.  We even hung out on my birthday that year.  I’ve attended several concerts of hers, and am now an administrator on a few of her Facebook fan groups (including the Official one), work with her executive assistant on some of these fan groups, and am co-runner and creator of the Lindsey Stirling USA fan page on Facebook.  I’ve even done a bit of flyer promoting for her very first US tour.  This all came to pass because I liked YouTube.  Which brings me to my second dream.

     My second dream is to have a YouTube channel dedicated to wheelchair freeystyle sports.  My inspiration originally being Aaron Fatheringham who was the first person to pull of a backflip and double backflip in a wheelchair.  Being that I live in the Provo, Utah area, there happens to also be a strong YouTube prescence here.  Famous YouTubers like Devin Graham, Stuart Edge and of course Lindsey Stirling have inspired me further.  In fact, I am convinced they are the reason Provo ranks third in world domination for YouTube community behind Paris and LA.  And let’s not forget the Piano Guys, haha.  But they live a few hours south of here. 

     Here’s hoping I can get my new YouTube channel up and running soon, in a little town called Provo.


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