Preparing For Superbowl 2014!


     The Metlife Stadium will be quite packed….packed with snow that is!  Less than two weeks left before the showdown and tons of work to do before the superbowl after this weeks heavy snow storm.  And these seats are quite valuable this year, ranging up to over a million dollars for certain suites and still thousands for a regular admission!

     So who will win after a grueling battle?  We shall see.  Hopefully we won’t be seeing any more heavy snow until then, or Frosty the snowman himself will be passing the peanuts to Santa Clause while Rudolf and the other reindeer paint “Seahawks!” on their butts all while Jack Frost is mooning Payton Manning!

Haribo Spawn Of Satan Sugarless Gummy Bears!!


     If you think these innocent sugar free gummy bears taste good, you’re right!  If you think that’s all there is to them….YOU’RE WRONG!!!  Here’s a link to Amazon with customer reviews gone wrong!:

     According to the testimonials, these little sugarless demons will leave you crying on the bathroom floor for your mommy!  “Chocolate  Rain” will be your new anthem and pooping rainbows like a unicorn will finally be your dream come true (or nightmare)! 

Okay, so the science behind it is simple.  Sugar free candy acts as a laxative due to the sugar substitute used.  Eat too many and you’ll get diarrhea.  But for some reason, these little sugarless gummy bears act extra volotile on your system.  So one or two won’t affect you, but a handful will keep you….um….busy worshipping the porcelain god for the next 24 hrs.

Have an ex that you can’t find that perfect birthday gift for?  Well here’s your answer!  Want to be “nice” to those who talk behind your back by giving a “peace” offering?  Got it covered!  Looking for an explosive adventure with Satans little angels?  I got just the thing for you!

Guns, Games And Gals!: A Cosplay Featured


  Okay, what are the two things guys like the most?  I’ll give you a hint: one is pretty and the other is pretty…..awesome!  This is Missha and she’s the best of both worlds. She is this weeks feature in cosplay, with an ak47 in one hand and a gaze that will make little geeky tween’s hearts melt like buttah!   This little lady packs quite a punch with her cosplay Claire Redfield.  Claire, as you know, is the main character in Resident Evil 2 and the antagonist in RE: Code Veronica.

As a Claire cosplay I honestly have to say I DO NOT want to mess with a girl like that!  She may look good in a red leather jacket, black as night shirt and gloves, and a “slightly” used machine gun, but she’s got a look that suggests she can kill boy bands with her bare hands! So I’ll just  let you guys check her cosplay out for yourselves at  Also, check out Indie games while you’re there because they are amazing!


Top Ten Hottest Happening For 2014 (you need to know!)


This year promises to be an epic one full of surprises, new technologies, and new media in pop culture!  Here’s my top ten hottest things happening for the upcoming year:

1- Movies: Kick start your summer this year with The Amazing Spider-Man 2.  If you are the type to “Marvel” over nerdy comic movies, this one’s for you.  But don’t expect this one to be too nerdy or cheesy.  The Amazing Spider Man looks to deliver an explosive sequel in the Spider-Man saga!  Look for it in theaters in May.  Other hot upcoming movies this year include, Transformers 4, Godzilla, Robo Cop, and There And Back Again (the third installment of The Hobbit series) coming out December 17 this coming year.

2- Music: Scrillex is back with a vengeance!  After their year tour they are looking to work with Mad Descent label with a new album called Jack U.  Nervo, who previously appeared for the VMA red carpet is looking good for this year’s musical chart lineup as well.  Lindsey Stirling, who has over half a BILLION hits on her YouTube channel currently is looking to release her new album in May.  Other artists looking to play this year’s tunes are Steve Angello and Wild Youth.

3- Occulus Rift: What can I say about Occulus Rift?  Oh yeah…’s saweet!  This virtual reality headset had previous prototypes, but this year they are working out the bugs.  The new prototype includes four game in it’s demo.  It’s equipped with 360° positional tracking system that operates by the tilting of your head.  You will feel like you are actually moving around the room while seated.  Look for this hot gadget later this year for an amazing VR experience.

4- Saga: Alright, you knew I had to talk about it.  That’s right, I’m talking about that famous app series that your friends annoy you with on Facebook by sending you invites for them.  Don’t want to play Candy Crush Saga?  That’s okay because Pet Rescue Saga and Farm Heroes Saga are there to spam your Facebook in order to save you from Candy Crush….oh wait!  Okay, all joking aside, these games are actually super popular and addictive if you have, um, “extra time” while on Facebook.  King productions did a pretty good job distracting us while distracted on Facebook.   Also rumored to be hot for 2014 from King is Dragon City, Diamond Dash, and yes, Farmville 2.

5- TV: Breaking Bad is back!  On ebook that is.  You can now order the ebook called, “Alchemy” online.  And that’s not all.  Breaking Bad is up for a golden globe nomination this year, so expect Brian Cranston to be polishing a shiny new award soon. Vampire Diaries, who was ‘Peoples Choice’, will be heading their upcoming season as well as Game Of Thrones (season 4), True Detectives and Sherlock which airs Jan. 19.  One show that won’t be hot this year is The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.  Leno is looking to retire come February.

6- Reality TV: Yes we are all familiar with Phil Robertson’s blunder on A and E.  But did you know Duck Dynasty is going ahead with their upcoming season?  That’s right!  The fifth season is going ahead on January 15.  So look for the all so familiar redneck humor that has kept us laughing out loud for the last four seasons.  Also, look for the usual reality TV series like American Idol, The X Factor and The Voice to come ready for battle in 2014.  And this year a new reality TV series premieres called Utopia.  It’s based off of 15 people working to create their own new society.

7- Apps: We all use apps.  I’m using one right now.  They have changed the way we interact with each other and the world around us far more than we could have ever imagined.  So here’s to the almighty app!  Hot apps for 2014 include an app called Hassle Me.  I found myself laughing more than I should while discovering this one.  It’s main function is to….HASSLE YOU!  It’s an app that sends you annoying notifications on your tablet or phone about things you need reminding of throughout the day.  Need reminding it’s time to log onto Twitter to send annoying tweets every thirty seconds to people who don’t care?  Now there’s an app for that!  Need help remembering to change your underwear?  Yep, app for that!  Need help remembering…um…when your significant other gets home late at night?….App for that!  Okay, honestly though, this is a good tool to use if you have a busy schedule on a daily basis.  Another hot app is Little Alchemy.  It’s very similar to Minecraft in that all you do on it is mix different elements together on a table to make new elements.  Other hot apps for 2014 include Pac-Man, Reeder 2, Password Box, Jet Car Stunts and Minecraft Pocket Edition.

8- YouTube: Okay you’ve heard me preach before about that cute little violinist that rocks out to modern and electronic music on YouTube.  But as of now she’s one of THE HOTTEST YouTube artists, and her fame is expected to rise this coming year even more!  With half a billion views on her channel and four million subscribers on YouTube (she just hit four million exactly today) she’s in it to win it!  And you can expect a sledge hammer swing this spring heading off to Mexico March 5-6 for shows and her new album in May AND the start of her new US tour just recently announced starting May 13 in San Diego.  Also, go check out Evynn Hollens (Peter Hollens’ wife) YouTube blog.  She’s pregnant and showing.  You can follow her through her amazing journey to motherhood these upcoming months.  And finally , Devin Graham just did it again with his Zip Line-NFL Stadium video that aired a few days ago.  It features the Panasonic HX-A100 video recorder recording countless hot cheerlraders zipping down a line across a football stadium.  Check his channel out at ‘devinsupertramp’.  He’s the one who filmed World’s Largest Rope Swing.  He’s also done many of Lindsey Stirling’s previous hit originals and covers.  Devin Graham is seriously in my opinion the best cinematographer on YouTube!  Also check out upcoming videos from top YouTubers Smosh as well as Strawburry17, Nigh Higa, Pentatonix and too many more channels I can’t possibly list for upcoming hot YouTube flics.

9- Electronics: Would you believe me if I told you the hottest electronic device for 2014 is not actually a device?  As odd as it sounds, the Audi Quatro Laserlight V8 Concept is killing it right now with all new fuel cells technology, mobile apps on screen and a self driving system (autopilot type system).  Other hot electronics for the upcoming year include the HX-A100 video recorder, Occulus, LED electronic data transfer technology and a smart phone skin that adds space to your smartphone and adds battery power at the same time.  Hook….me….up!

10- Trends: No, I’m not talking about twerking.  The idea of me writing about twerking in this blog is a worse idea than Miley Cyrus performing for a children’s birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheese!  Anyway, the REAL hottest trend expected to take off for 2014 is surprisingly….jumpsuits!  The Kardashian sisters have already been spotted sporting the new fashion.  Hollywood is wearing these suits for such occasions as red carpet events and weddings.  Curved televisions are also trending right now.  Great for hosting theater movie parties, you can change this sleek design flatscreen to curved screen via remote.  Crosstraining fitness is also all the buzz right now.  And why not when you can change it up a bit?  Disney Dream docks for the Disney cruise is also hot right now and expected to trend with family audiences this year.  And finally, cosplay is back this year!  So all you sci-fi nerds can squeeze on those tighty tights, sport your underwear (overwear in this case), and dawn those masks to hide your shameful acne, looking like a hopeless remake of batman.  “Hey! I think I see Ben Aflec over there!”. 

-Top Ten Hottest Happening for 2014 by Richard Olsen.